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Our brains are sensitive to our environment, our diet, our stress level, our hormones, and many other factors that can become imbalanced as we age. Like most chronic diseases, progressive memory loss is primarily a consequence of inflammation. This systemic inflammation may be silent and gradual, with dire long-term consequences to the brain. For people at genetic risk and those experiencing early signs, a multifaceted, individualized treatment approach is needed.

The Functional Medicine model excels in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease because it seeks out the root cause, which often lies at the intersection of genetics, environment, and lifestyle. Functional medicine is evidence-based and collaborative: I work with clients to find a solution that works for their unique biology and life situation.

In addition, I will employ the ReCODE protocol when needed. Dr. Dale Bredesen has developed a multimodal and customizable lifestyle approach to reverse early cognitive decline and trained thousands of practitioners to use this ReCODE protocol effectively. I am currently completing this training.

At Resilient Memory, we have the tools to help you reduce inflammation, rebalance body systems, and implement a customized diet and lifestyle strategy that will support your long-term brain health.

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