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Please provide your contact information below to join the waitlist. We will be in touch soon!

How would we work together?



The work we will do together is detailed in nature. The initial paperwork and intake session are a deep dive into your health history and current symptoms. This online intake session is typically 2 hours in length. We will also look at any standard lab results you have from your primary care or specialty physicians and begin to work on getting your health markers into the optimal range. Depending on our clinical assessment results, additional standard or specialty labs may be helpful for further analysis of your health conditions and for monitoring your improvement. The desire for specialized laboratory testing is highly individual and I will work with your preferences, relying more on clinical judgement if desired. After the intake and lab evaluation sessions, we will continue to work together through our online follow-up sessions, usually meeting for 1 hour every other week, until your symptoms are resolving and you feel confident with maintaining your tailored therapeutic program. This process can take several months, and depends on individual needs.



My pricing structure is simple. Telehealth sessions are $250 per hourPlease know that for every hour we spend together in session, I am working an additional 5 hours behind the scenes. We will be delving into your medical history, your current/past lab results and symptoms, and then synthesizing this information to uncover new connections and get to the underlying causes of your condition.



Payment is required at the time that you schedule your first session. I am unable to take insurance currently, but HSA/FSA card payments are a good option if your plan accepts nutrition counseling as a qualified medical expense. I kindly ask that you give 48-hour notice for appointment cancellation or rescheduling. Except in the case of an emergency or illness, a small fee will be charged for late cancellations or no-shows.



With an open mind and careful detective work, we will discover the unique influences impacting your gut and/or brain function and find the resolution you are seeking. We will also work together in partnership to find ways to make the needed changes doable with your life. In this practice, you are always in the driver's seat because you know your body better than anyone else. I look forward to speaking with you soon about getting your health back on track.


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